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I know you guys think it is me who is the homer, but it isn't
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Posted by buzz on 2012-11-26 00:47:18

In Reply to: Niners def belong in that first tier posted by Pete on 2012-11-26 00:38:27

If we were starting Ryan Mallet at QB right now, I wouldn't put us Top 5 just because he threw a TD pass or two.

I got clowned hard for putting the defending champion Giants on the same level as you right up until they murdered you in your own building.

Pats with a top 5 running game got many laughs as well. And you in particular LOL'd hard at me saying Gronk "wasn't far off from VD" going into the season last year. How'd that work out? ;-)

You my dude, but I expect better from you, man. You know how I draft.

All good.


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