Long-time readers know that I am not big on basing it on any one game

I didn't drop the Niners after they got pasted by the Giants, did I?

If you come in and beat us by 30, I might have to think about that, but if you win by a FG when we on a short week, with no Gronk and other key players, maybe even after blocking a punt for a TD... what does that even mean in terms of differentiating two top 5 teams?

The Pats are a lot of teams' Super Bowl, and that's cool. But here's the thing... the actual Super Bowl is our Super Bowl, lol.
Posted by: buzz (4) on 12-11-25 23:34:41 | Advertiser
In Reply to: My bad, I meant if they beat the Pats. posted by latvianlightning on 12-11-25 23:28:57

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