NFL rankings

In tiers, it looks like this:


More or less just moving the Giants up one to the top tier.

But since I love you, and it is late enough in the year, I will go off the tiers here. Mind you, this doesn't account for playoff draws or the rock/paper/scissors nature of head-to-head matchups, and it does account for short-term injuries. Just about the quality of team...

1. Pats. Seen enough. Defense rounding into form now that they only missing one guy? On pace to be the highest scoring team of all-time, despite missing a ton of guys, if they can beat out McDaniels's other Patriots team in 2008? One game, winner take all on a neutral field? Good fucking luck to anyone who wants some of that.

2. Texans. Great balance. Foster is just phenomenal. Can survive the loss of Cushing, I guess, but like the Pats, folks need to get healthy.

3. Giants. Really tempted to put the Ravenss ahead of them, and probably should. But Eli vs Flacco on that big drive? The quality of wins the Giants have pulled off in the last year? The loss of Webb, and likely Lewis? They have the ability to wi anywhere, anytime, any place against anyone.

4. Ravens. Well-coached on both sides of the ball, explosive on both sides of the ball, tough on both sides of the ball, wear you down on both sides of the ball. The team I fear the most this year.

5. Niners. Very good D, very well-coached. I think their fans missed the memo on this not being 2000 anymore, though. It's not some historic defense, and they a non-QB-centric team in a QB-centric league.

6. Falcons. Not sure if they are ready for prime time, but goddamn are they dangerous. Ryan/Jones/White/Gonzo/Turner are a problem offensively. But not a lot of quality wins in that lofty record.

7. Broncos. McGahee a big loss, but this is a team that has done pretty well at everything. A sack away from oblivion, but aren't we all?

8. Packers. They are obviously great when they on top of it, and explosive enough to give anyone problems. But so much not to like. Can't run or stop the pass, not particularly great at anything. Maybe Jennings will help.

9. Bears. Why did I even include them in this list? Cutler an MVP candidate? Yeah, fuck that... lol. Forte looked pretty hurting going to the locker room, too. O-ver-ra-ted.
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