A couple of reactions.

I don't think you need to call Monta's 4th quarter a pg performance. He played like a good SG who wasn't hitting open shots and decided to involve others. That alone is a monumental improvement over the first 3 quarters. Agree on the poor handle.

As for Jackson, there clearly is some coaching going on and it's probably Malone and other assistants. Players don't design the defense, they execute it. Someone is actually designing the defense and teaching solid team defensive concepts to the starters. Most of the others guys came from places where that probably happened, but our starters have never had that. I credit them for executing but if you just threw them out there it wouldn't be happening like this. I credit Jackson for setting the priority as well but as we saw last year, that's nothing without a plan and players buying into the plan.

And of course it's only three games. They have to play like this for the entire season before it matters.
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