Thoughts on the game from behind the Knicks bench

Ish: I hate this guy's game. With a passion. But he produces results... he's our energy guard. Unfortunately we still dont have a backup PG though

Jenkins: slow as HELL. Looked OK against Sacto, but they are slow as hell too. But against Douglas, this guy was in slow motion. Guess that answers why he isn't playing much. How much would it take to get Luke Ridnour from MIN?

Klay: Poor floor game tonight. Burned awfully bad early by Fields and was otherwise shut down by him on offense as well.

Rush: No quit at all in this guy. This is the player I was talking about as Kansas... if this continues, that'll be one more hit on my all-time 'need to draft' list. Which would leave Earl Clark and Cole Aldrich as the 2 players I've so far missed on in 5 years /gratuitouspattingselfontheback (and FTR, I'd still take Clark and Aldrich. Love their games)

Dorell: Played like ass most of the game. Hit a late 3, but the guy was getting burnt on D and his penchant for pumpfaking lost him a number of shots. This season has not proven himself to be starting caliber.

McGuire: This guy is our stopper, and he's very, very good at it. We need to find him some more minutes.

Udoh: Very solid defense on Amar'e, and threw up a nice hook I remember for some reason. Works for position pretty well, but I cant see this guy starting, ever, at PF. His future is likely as a reserve 4/5 that patrols the lane, which isn't bad at all. A very necessary piece IMO. But time to lower the expectations of him.

Biedrins: Inhaled rebounds. Solid defense. Didn't crap the bed offensively... what more can you ask from him?

Kwame: See: Biedrins. Added bonus: whenever he gets a bunny shot that isn't a dunk, its entertainment factor 10.

Lee: Great, understated game from Lee. He single-handedly took Chandler out of the game. Sitting behind the Knicks bench you could hear Chandler complaining about him at times. Lee was GASSED at the end of the game though, and you could see it on the FT line. And for those who noticed, the Knicks defense was so, so chaotic in the 4th because of their missing anchor, which perfectly set up...

Monta: Let me preface by saying the 1st 3 Qs were abysmal. Now that that's over, his 4th Q was great. He avoided the lane for most of the game, and then out of nowhere took it to the hole and dished to Lee, and the light switch seemed to go on - the Knicks were tired and they had no help inside. And like a smart player would, he smelled the blood and attacked. I hate calling it a PG peformance - simply because Ive never seen a PG lose his handle with minimal pressure so much before - but thats what it was. It was opportunistic, and in a game without our initiator, that's HUGE.

Jackson: I'll catch crap I'm sure, but not impressed. Everyone's propping him for changing the culture... no no no. It's the players. We have surrounded our 'stars' with good defenders and hard workers, and THEY are rubbing off on the players. In one instance in the 3rd Q, Monta was sent to the bench and the scrub unit was out there. Met at around mid-court, and one player (couldn't tell who) was firing the team up and talking about switching and accountability. The very next play I saw some beautiful scramble defense that resulted in Melo missing a jumper and the W's scoring... which eventually brought us the lead.

Great, resilient game from the Ws last night... never seen them fight back like that, ever. With some consistency and a real backup PG we can do some damage this year..
Posted by: PNQ (15699) on 11-12-28 22:58:54

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