Why the W's Shouldn't Trade for David Lee (Long)

1) It would further clog our already crowded frontcourt, which would...

2) Limit the development of our young 4s and 5s. Whatever you think of AR, BW, or EU, the only way we'll find out what we really have with any of them is via playing time, which will already be at a premium because of Beans and Ronny.

3) Lee is many things, but a true center ain't one of 'em. The Knicks got away with playing Lee at the 5 because the East is still pretty weak overall. The West has teams with legitimately huge power forwards and centers: Bynum/Gasol, Cousins, Yao, TD, Nene, Kaman--I'll even include Sideshow Bob Lopez in Phoenix because he really showed me something last year, and he's definitely enormous. The point is, David Lee is barely a 5 in the East, and wouldn't be able to hang physically in the West. As a result, his rebounding numbers would go down and our already porous frontcourt D would erode even further.

4) If you're comparing Monta and Lee, you can't just put their numbers up side by side even though Monta comes out looking pretty good in that analysis. Basketball is such a team sport that you have consider the context. And the Knicks provided Lee with an incredible environment for putting up gaudy numbers last year.

-D'Antoni's system inflates offensive numbers by running constantly and requiring the players to play absolutely no D, which leaves them with more energy on the other end
-Shitty team = lots of touches
-Plenty of blowouts = opponents' putting their scrubs in early on
-Weak competition at his position on the team = ample minutes

Now before you say that Monta enjoyed the same advantages (which he did, with the possible exception of the touches), you have to consider whether those advantages would be there for Lee in the case of a trade. And they wouldn't. Lee wouldn't get as many minutes or touches because our frontcourt is too crowded. The W's will not be great, but they'll be more competitive than the Knicks were last season, which means there will be fewer blowouts. The competition in the West will mean Lee has to work a hell of a lot harder to get his.

Don't get me wrong: I like David Lee as a player. If we didn't have so many similar players already, I'd be more interested. But other than a dominant low post force--which, to quote Rick Pitino, ain't walkin' through that door--this team needs a legit 2 or 3 more than anything.

So the W's should try to trade Monta for Granger or Iguodala or just wait. Monta will put up impressive numbers again, and eventually the offers for him will improve. He's a special, if frustrating, offensive player, and we can't afford to further fuck up our team just get him off of it.
Posted by: Top Dog (10639) on 10-07-05 09:25:05

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